LATEST NEWS: Demands for Disability and Migrant Justice

This mural is divided into two sections. The background is yellow and orange. On one side there is a big house and garden. People sit at a table drinking like in a cafe. A blue lattice fence surrounds the house. Two blue silhouettes of guards look outwards with their fingers in their ears. A big orange sun is above this side of the picture. On the other side of the fence, the colours are darker orange, the sun is replaced by a cloud in the sky. A wheelchair user reaches out, but red chains hold her back. A man stoops with his head in his hands and a padlock round his neck.  A small figure with a bleeding heart tends a grave with flowers on. Above this are the words 'please hold my hand, don't hate me'. On the left, there is a red silhouette of a woman with orange and yellow shadows. She is jumps out of a dark blue tower block with a police van outside. A montage of orange yellow faces look at the fence and the life behind it. Paddington bear stands by the gate, his suitcase in his hands. At the top a multi coloured chain of people pull on the fence.
Mural created with Disabled people subject to immigration controls. More information here

‘I’m an asylum seeker. It changes everything’: In this film we learn from disabled people in the asylum system about the disabling barriers that were already faced in 2012. Since then the restrictions on people seeking asylum have got worse.

The UK asylum and immigration system is disabling. People are restricted from meeting essential needs.

The result is to further disable people with existing impairments as well as to create new impairments including such prevalent mental distress as to be widely considered normal in the asylum system.

This website includes information and ideas to contribute to building a movement of solidarity to resist the disabling impact of restrictions that prevent people from meeting physical and emotional needs.

A disabling system - describes how the UK asylum system is designed to deprive people of essential needs

The social model - explores the relevance of insights from the disabled people's movement for people in the asylum system

Disability and Migration Network - find out more and join the network

In honour of - a tribute to those whose lives have been lost while experiencing the inequalities of the current system

Information and Research - links to further research and articles

Contact - you can contact us for more information, or to join the network