Building a movement of solidarity


The lives of Disabled people and people without migration status are impoverished and restricted by deliberate policies, routine practices and the ways that society is organised.

This is not inevitable.

Our principles

A ‘social model’ approach could help to build solidarity and focus resistance on the disabling and racist impact of immigration restrictions and inequalities.

To build a broader, more effective movement we hold to the values of:

  • ‘Nothing about us, without us’: We recognise the essential knowledge that comes from lived experience. There are many ways that people can contribute insights and priorities without adding to the unequal burden on people already living in precarious situations
  • Solidarity: The solidarity of a movement is needed to enable everyone to contribute in ways they choose without putting anybody at risk.
  • Transparency and honesty: We encourage overt discussion of individual and organizational limitations in the roles that people can take.
  • Mutual respect: Human value is not determined by economic contribution.
  • Difference: We may sometimes have different priorities but we seek ways to learn from, and avoid undermining each other’s work through misunderstanding.
  • Justice: We combine efforts to resist disabling restrictions and to create a society in which nobody is ineligible for the services and support required to meet human needs and live a full life.


Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers (BDASC)
Disability Rights UK
Disabled people against the cuts
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
Migrants organise
Migration Mobilities Bristol
National Survivor User Network
Inclusion London
Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL)
WinVisible. women with visible and invisible disabilities

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