This statement has been developed by members of the Disability and Migration Network (DAMN). Please send any thoughts, additions or proposed changes to: info@disability-migration.org.uk

The Disability and Migration Network demand justice for disabled and migrant people. Justice for one is justice for all.

We condemn how successive governments have

• imposed restrictions and threats on people seeking services and support from the welfare system and the immigration system.

• targeted hostility and blame at disabled people and migrants, including disabled people in the immigration system.

• manufactured fear to divide us, reduce resistance and deter people from accessing essential services or seeking sanctuary.

As a new government takes office, we will resist any continuation of these policies.

We demand the dismantling of the hostile and disabling restrictions imposed on people seeking services and support whether in the welfare system or the immigration system.

We call on everyone struggling for justice to recognise the interconnected struggles for migrant justice and disability justice.

Together we will build a world of solidarity not borders.

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